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I feel more than grateful for your support in art education. The help that this organization gives to young artists is incredible. Not only with the financial aid, but also with the possibility of exhibiting the work and making connections! Thank you so much to the founder, donors, and all people that work for We Support Creativity for encouraging young artists and making all of these possible.

Wildriana de Jesus Paulino

2018 Recipient

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Wildriana de Jesus

Undergrad Scholarship 2017
Cooper Union
Fine Arts
About Wildriana's Project
Por El Espejo Partial​ (By The Partial Mirror) is oil on canvas. The purpose of this piece is to show the meaning of threshold in a limited way. A threshold is a limitation, and a deprivation of sight and mind, an inability to see further. This project expresses my passion in the art field because of the exploration and juxtaposition of shapes and hues that I used, which show my curiosity in the matter. My ​arte​ (art) is the​ puro fruto ​(pure fruit) of my experiences appealing to a renaissance of ​sentimientos​ (sentiments). In order to articulate my approach as an artist, I make use of multiple mediums: from charcoal to watercolor, acrylic to oil, pastels to graphite, photography and found objects. Those mediums are what have contributed to my development of visual narratives. All of those inanimate materials not only compose a visual work but also make it emotionally visceral; each media serving as a physical representation of my ​vida​ (life).  Where each media represents a lived experience, a new skill, new knowledge, new possibilities. The color and ​calor​ (heat) of the culture has nurtured my arte by adding to my work a vivid and vibrant palette of colors that manifest the calor, happiness, and struggles of living in the Caribbean. Through my work, I aim to create impactful art from an immigrant's perspective in an age of fear-mongering against immigrants. 
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