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I'm very grateful that the Support Creativity Team has chosen me as a recipient of their 2017 Scholarship. I have dreamt of designing clothing for many years, and this scholarship is one more step on the path to achieving my dream. I'm very thankful for the donors' support, as I would not be able to have come this close to my dream without their support.

Richard Pankratov

2017 Recipient

Richard Pankratov

Undergrad Scholarship 2017
Parsons The New School for Design
Fashion Design
About Richard's Project
Richard's "White Rain" embodies a memory of his childhood, which is rain. not regular rain, the dark, humid kind that makes people want to stay inside. It's quite the opposite, what his grandmother would call "Blind Rain." This is when it rains even when the sun is out. Tears of joy, if you will. Richard thinks of blind rain whenever he is making clothing, completely focused.
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