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Pedro Angel

Honorary/Origin Scholarship
Hostos Community College
Digital Design and Animation
Pedro is the reason why Support Creativity exists.
Pedro was the founder's (Steve Lucin) best 3D animation student at East Harlem Tutorial Program in New York City. This is what Pedro wished to pursue in college.
As Steve helped Pedro apply for school, they hit a huge roadblock when it came to financial aid. Pedro was undocumented.
Pedro came to America when he was only 8 months old. All he knew was the American dream.
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Although he got accepted to schools, he was not given the same opportunity his peers had and was not able to apply for financial aid. Pedro felt helpless and wanted to drop out of school completely.
That was back in 2009. At the time, Steve couldn't help monetarily. A few years later Steve incorporated his design business and started to save money for a scholarship.
In 2016, Steve's scholarship, now called Support Creativity, raised enough money so that Pedro can finish his last semester at Hostos Community College!

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