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Thank you so much! I feel very grateful for this award. It has been a long road for me to be able to study and this is definitely a light on my path. Thank you for believing in my talent. It's because of people with such a big heart that many young people like me manage to continue their education. I have no words, I only wish in the future I can help another student in the same way.

Oscar Caballero

2019 Recipient

Oscar Caballero.gif

Oscar Caballero

Graduate Scholarship 2019
Columbia University 
Advanced Architectural Design
  • Oscar Caballero

How can architects change the world for the better? It’s a question that I ask myself since I started my undergraduate studies. Nature has all the answers, that’s why biomimetic architecture creates a window of opportunities to go a step further and inquiry into different ways to approach architectural design. Brella, is a project based on a biomimetic study of the physical-biological properties of the Jellyfish and the operation mechanism of the umbrellas. This component arises from the analogy of creating a shield around the building’s façade for protection in case of natural disasters. Brella is deployable, as its structure has the ability to contract and expand through a computerized command. It is a multifunctional device that generates electrical power from sunlight and wind force.


An architectural system that functions as an automated skin providing different benefits to the building, such as sun irradiation protection, and a CO2 cleaning system. The human race is resilient, and so should be the architecture that we create. As an architect, my approach to sustainability, technology and exploration of new construction processes is vital for our responsibility to our environment and cultivating an architecture that shapes a better future.

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