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I am honored to be chosen

from a very talented pool of applicants to receive this award, not only for the financial assistance, but for the potential opportunities it may bring me in the future. I’d like to show gratitude to this scholarship and its donors for making this award possible and enabling young adults like myself to be able to pursue a higher education.

Henry Seda

2018 Recipient


Henry Seda

Undergrad Scholarship 2017
Pratt institute
Communication Design
About Henry Seda Project
Beginning on the left, I wanted to display motifs of birth, purity, and playfulness - all attributes of childhood. Thus, I included more nude figures and goldfish. When coming of age, an individual must develop his/her own personal identity, they grow wisdom and an alternate perspective of life through movement and independence. By transitioning from the fish and nude figures to the motif of birds, the third eye, and surrealistic subject matter, the transition from childhood to adulthood is visualized. Finally, as all things must come to an end, I made sure to conclude this lifecycle by visually documenting to journey towards death. The circularity of my piece is reinforced by the reintroduction of the fish motif. However, not only are the fish in this portion more mature and grown, they’re brutally slaughtered. I wanted to compare the death of humanity to the death of fish - bloody and brutal. This linkage is also seen in the backside of the woman nearer to the top where she is cut at the spine and is falling apart.
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