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I am honored and thrilled to receive this award! It's encouraged me to continue pursuing my creative work. It's also lightened my financial burden, which will allow me to better focus on completing my MFA. Thank you so much for your generosity and recognition.

Christine Stoddard

2018 Recipient

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Christine Stoddard

Graduate Scholarship 2017
The City College of New York (CUNY)
MFA Digital & Interdisciplinary
Art Practice
About Christine's Project
“A Burst of Butterflies,” is a digital illustration depicting my modern interpretation of justice. Traditionally, Lady Justice was a white woman with ancient Roman origins. Her blindfold represented her objectivity, implying that justice should always be applied with impartiality. A person’s race, ethnicity, religion, or socio-economic status should not be a determining factor. In my illustration, I reinterpreted Lady Justice as a woman of color because now more than ever, it is important to show that black and brown lives matter. Unfortunately, justice is not served without bias in this day and age. Humanity still has a long way to go before it can achieve truth, kindness, and equality on a mass scale.
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Christine Graduated!

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