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I belong to a family where I learnt from my grandparents to my parents that money is a result from hard work and should be used towards education and health. I always try hard and strive for my best, and having this Support Creativity Scholarship, coming from donors that believe in the power creativity so much as I do is more than I can thank for! It means so much to me and I will be grateful showing my best in every project I create, hoping they can inspire others to dream as well!

Cecilia Guimarães

2018 Recipient

Cecilia Guimarães 

Graduate World Scholarship 2018
School of Visual Arts 
MFA Illustration as Visual Essay
Cecilia Guimarães Project
The video sent sums up my thesis project At PUC-Rio. It was a moment of sheer joy and fulfillment, and the hard work and efforts came naturally out of the satisfaction and pure pleasure that creating it made me feel. It is an illustrated souvenir project that joins Paris and London in diverse printing forms: a book, postcards, posters and more. A collection of places from each city that made a difference in my professional career and personal life during the year I studied abroad. Completely illustrated and entirely handmade the project places Paris and London under a personal, comic and unconventional perspective. A combination of tips from both cities for those interested in arts and design (and a little more), together with a narrative of my experience and a whole lot of illustrated content. Made for those who want to travel with a new perspective or just travel inside each page. 
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