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There is nothing stronger than a creative mind. Supporting the arts empowers youth to create powerful messages within local and global communities, creating a progressive and connected society. That is why I am so grateful and honoured to receive this award as a young New Zealander. 

Beth Moody

2019 Recipient

Beth Moody

Undergrad Scholarship 2019
Parsons School of Design
Communication Design
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My strive to educate future youth about equality and representation for minority and marginalized groups has driven my passion for art. I wanted to create a series of designs that educated general society about what it means to be gender-queer, transgender, or non-binary. Additionally, my passion for LGBT rights was also expressed at school. I was the first President of the Rainbow Youth club as well as their regional youth leader.


Last year, I decided to take further initiative in my passion for LGBT rights. I created a design campaign project called “Mind Over Matter,” a series of illustrative character designs and a mural painting dedicated to advocating for Queer youth in Aotearoa. Inspired by surrealist artists Roby Dwi Antono and Mark Ryden, my illustrations incorporated symbolic color and imagery that could easily resonate with the public.

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